City Walks

Explore the Split Old Town and 1700 years old Palace built by  
the Roman emperor Diocletian.

Choose between 1,5 or 2,5 hour sightseeing of the most  
interesting locations filled with historical and cultural  
background, anecdotes, intriguing details and artistic  

Note: It can be combined with other tours
Trogir as three millennia old town will charm you with is old  
architecture, art and picturesque beauty. Its history is a lace of  
Greek, Roman, Venetian, Croatian and other influences where  
every stone reveals its story.

Welcome to the 2 hour visit to one of the most beautiful small  
towns in the world!

Note: It can be combined with other tours

UNESCO Trogir Old Town

UNESCO Split Old Town & Diocletian’s Palace

Salona ruins - archeological site

Once a capital city of the Roman province Dalmatia and a  
birthplace of Diocletian, today is a ruin and archeological site.  
Located only 9 km from Split, Salona will reveal you a lot of  
stories about Greco-Romanic life, culture, customs and early  
Christianity too. Let’s travel through time together for
1,5-2 hours!

Note: It can be combined with Split, Trogir or Klis fortress
Known as the first Croatian town founded on the Adriatic coast  
by Croatian king (XI ct.), Šibenik will amaze you with its  
architecture, narrow stoney streets, forts overlooking the  
estuary of river Krka and UNESCO’s Gothic-Renaissance  
Cathedral of St. James (XV ct.). Duration of the tour: from  
Šibenik  2-2,5 hours; from Split or Trogir 4,5-5 hours.

Note: It can be combined with NP Krka Waterfalls

UNESCO Cathedral of St. James & Šibenik

UNESCO Dubrovnik Old Town

Once a very powerful city state on the Adriatic, Dubrovnik  
preserved its liberty, history and culture with its two km long  
city walls, trade and clever politics.

So many breathtaking stories and scenes will enrich you for a  
life time on this 12 hour tour (dep. from Split).

The UNESCO’s Pearl of the Adriatic awaits you!

Klis fortress

Overlooking Salona and Split from a high ground, Klis fortress is  
a key to Dalmatia and has been a stronghold of a different  
forces throughout millenniums. It played a very important role  
in a defense of Dalmatia from Ottoman Empire in XVI ct., while  
in present times it is used for concerts, plays, performances  
and popular TV series Game of Thrones. Come along and join to  
2 hours time travel from a breathtaking view point on Split and  
its surroundings!

Note: It can be combined with Salona ruins, Split or Trogir