Although Croatia became very popular as an European destination, some of the touristy sites in this beautiful country are recognized by  
their specific history, architecture, culture, natural beauty, customs and tradition. Whether you are person that likes city life, or the  
one that prefers nature, there are plenty of tours for you. Choose between City Walks or National Parks! Maybe a combination of both  
is what you are looking for? Perhaps you would like a tailored private tour? Come and explore with a Private Tourist Guide!
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Towns and cities along the Adriatic coast managed to inscribe  
their history and culture into their architecture, art and  
monuments, preserved till present days. Explore Split, Trogir,  
Šibenik, Salona and Dubrovnik with a someone who knows their  
secrets - your local  private guide!
Croatia has eight national parks and all of them are worth to  
visit. However, some of them are more accessible than others.  
If you like long hikes and walks surrounded by intact beauty,  
wild forests, turquoise lakes and waterfalls, Plitvice Lakes  
(UNESCO) are “a must see”. If you prefer to swim in refreshing  
river water by the waterfalls, then Krka Waterfalls awaits you.