National Parks

Plitvice Lakes are not only protected as a national park, but  
also as a World’s Natural Heritage by UNESCO. If you like to  
hike through spectacular forests around turquoise lakes that  
spill over and create waterfalls, then Plitvice Lakes are “a must  
see”. Since Plitvice lakes are 250 km NW from Split this tour  
lasts 11-12 hours. Take a peak at album and you will see that is  
worth of visit!
River Krka is a karst phenomena that will amaze you with its  
travertine waterfalls, forests, ethno village, first AC hydro  
power plant in Europe and opportunity to swim by the  
waterfalls. Tour can be combined with two UNESCO cities (Split  
and Trogir) and UNESCO’s cathedral of St. James in Šibenik.  
Therefore it can last from 4 up to 8 hours. You are welcome to  

NP Krka Waterfalls

NP Plitvice Lakes (UNESCO)